Love thy neighbor, unless he’s a murderer who gets drunk and knocks on the neighbors doors.

Okay Okay Okay, I know it’s been a while and I suck at posting to this blog, but I’m back! Because I have a story I just HAVE to share with y’all. It’s pretty fucking ridiculous, so get ready.

So Monday night, in good ole Nashville, it started to snow and ice and stuff. No biggie, but it kept me home for the night. So I went to bed, and I woke up around midnight to the sound of someone banging on my front door. And I looked at my phone and looked around my room in a panic, and did what in normal person would do…pulled the covers over my head and hoped they wouldn’t find me if they broke in. Then they knocked again, so I grabbed my baseball bat and cell phone and preceded to…get back under the covers. But after that the knocking had stopped. They must’ve known I was armed and dangerous, right?

Then comes Tuesday morning. I woke up, got ready for work, and went outside to start my car and boom…it had really really iced and snowed overnight. Like, hardcore’ish (not really that bad at all). But our apartment parking lot was a sheet of ice. So I was like, “maaaaybe I’ll wait to leave for work” and went back inside. And when I walked inside, I heard a lot of cars screeching around from the main street in front of my apartment. So I ran onto the balcony to see what was going on, and it was nothing but ice and cars driving slow and sliding around. And my neighb’, a cool chick that’s right next door to me and has been for years, was on her balcony and she was like “girl, did you hear the knock on the doors last night?! Did you answer?!” And I was like “Nah girl, I’m chicken shit..I was hiding under my covers.” And she was like, “I saw it on the news this morning! That man who killed his wife a few months ago was drunk and knocking on all our doors trying to get in! And the cops found him lying drunk in the snow!” Immediately I was all “Whaaaaat?!?!” Because I don’t watch the news, for reasons like this, and had no clue what she was talking about. So I ran inside, and started googling stuff on the local news. And what do ya know?! It showed a picture of the man who was knocking on our doors, and who killed his wife in April, and the picture was of the man who lives across the hall from me!

Apparently this man, Randy Maidens, killed his rich doctor wife back in April in their Brentwood home. They said she was found dead, shot 10 times, and he had cleaned up the mess and fled the scenes and hid in the woods overnight.

Whaaat?! Yeah. I never knew anything about this until now. And he’s their main suspect and is being charged with the murder or going to court for it or whatever the lingo is, September 2014. Long ways away. And when he was arrested earlier this year, his bond was set for 2 million dollars and a judge said that’s ridiculous because no one would be able to post a bond that high, and lowered it. And back in June he made bail and got out. And crazy enough, his wife’s family didn’t want him in their house or near their child, so he had to find somewhere to live. And apparently, he chose my apartment complex…in the apartment right across the hall from me.

Now he’s lived there since late summer…probably July/August’ish. I just remember it being hot outside because he would run around our parking lot, get all sweaty and leave his clothes on his balcony. And he wears those shoes that look like feet and are supposed to help you run better, I think. I don’t know…I don’t run. I did, however, run last night from my car to my door in fear that he would pop out somewhere and kill me. Like, I invisioned myself running to my door and him opening up his and coming towards me while I tried to unlock my door, and then crying and screaming and banging on the door to open, like in a scary movie. I just know that I’ve thought something was weird about him ever since he moved in. Like, he doesn’t drive and has no car. Some old lady always comes over and gets him and drives him places. And she’s OLD. I always thought they were hooking up and doing sex, because she’s over there like, all the time…and it’s a one bedroom apartment and I’m perverted and always thought they were hooking up. Looking back, it’s probably his mom or grandma, the only two people who could still love him after he shot and killed his wife. Besides the old lady and sweaty clothes on the balcony, he’s just a weird dude. Like, most neighbors say hi when they pass in the parking lot or hall or mailbox, but not this dude. He avoids eye contact and creeps away.

Now here’s what happened Monday night/Tuesday morning. He was “drunk”, went knocking on a bunch of neighbors doors, and tried to get into some people’s apartments. And it ended when he went to the building next to ours and knocked on a guys door and the guy wouldn’t let him in. The guy said that Randy talked for like 30 minutes trying to convince him to open the door, he called the cops, cops showed up but Randy had left, so the cops left. Then Dandy Randy went back to dudes apartment, in a new outfit, said he was a police officer and tried again to get dude to open his door. Dafuqqqq? So he called the cops again, and when they got there they found ole Randall, dirty and in the snow. And he said that he wasn’t trying to get into anyone’s apartment or knocking on doors, he just wanted to be in the snow. Seriously, all together now, DAFUQQQ?! And the police said that on their way to the station, dirty ole Randy was like “hey let’s play a game and see who can pass out first?” And when the cops said “No you stupid fucking wife killer” (I might’ve just added a few words in there) Ran Ran put his seatbelt around his neck and went head first into the floor to try to make himself pass out. You know what’s next…DAFUQQQQ?!

So after reading these stories, and seeing his picture, I decided to call the apartment complex office to see if this was really my neighbor. So I called and one of the girls answered and I was like “Listen…I have a dumb question. I’m a resident here, and was wondering if that guy who was knocking on our doors and killed his wife and stuff lives here? Like is he a resident?” And the girl was like “what’s your apartment number?” and I told her, and she was like “oh..hang on a sec” and transferred me to the manager. And so when the manager got on, I asked her the same thing. And she was like “I can’t legally say if he does or doesn’t…” So I was like “HE DOES???!?? HE LIVES HERE?!?” And she was like “Legally, I can’t say he does…” And I was like “Listen, he lives across the hall from me doesn’t he?! It’s him!! Why would y’all let someone like that move here?!” And she was like “Well if it was him, he hasn’t been charged or convicted, so we have to. Let’s say you get arrested for a DUI. If you haven’t been charged or served time for it or if it’s not on your record yet, then you’re allowed to live here.” And I was like “You can’t compare a DUI to shooting someone 10 times.” And we went back and forth and she just kept saying that “legally I can’t say if it is or isn’t him”.

But then I saw an interview of his lawyer from in front of my apartment building, and read some more, and it’s official…bitch, he IS my neighbor.

How in the world, can someone who killed his wife be allowed to get out of jail till the trial court date stuff? Just because he has money?! That’s ridiculous. People get caught with drugs and spend more time in jail or have harsher punishments than this. This dude is out running around, drinking, trying to get into apartments, hanging out at local bars..but it’s cool. He had enough money to pay the $750,000 bond. Stupid dick. And he was released from jail yesterday since it was just public intoxication.

Do y’all know what it’s like having a wall separate you from a murderer? Or even just a “suspected” murderer. I can stand at my door, spit my gum out, and it would land on his door. I can hear him thru the walls. I hear his shower running. It freaks me out more than y’all will ever know! Someone said “well try not to think about it”. Fuck y’all! I have a very active imagination as it is…this just adds fuel to the fire. And someone said “well he’s still innocent. Like, he said he didn’t do it”. OHHH bullshit. Anyone can say they’re not guilty or didn’t do something. “Ames did you take the last cookie out of the cookie jar?”…”No”. 99.9% of the time, that’s a fucking lie. Damn straight I’ll take the last cookie out of the jar, I ain’t too proud! So just because he says he didn’t shoot his wife 10 times, clean up the evidence and hide in the woods, doesn’t mean he’s innocent. Assholes. I even admitted that if I had gotten the balls to look thru my peephole Monday night when he was knocking, that I would’ve opened the door because I knew him as my neighbor. Not the crazy ass guy from the news. But not now! “Can I borrow some sugar, neighbor girl?” “No killer neighbor man, you may not…” What if I had answered the door and he did something?! Y’all better believe if that son of a bitch tries to do something to someone else in our apartment or kills me, I’ll haunt every mother fucker who had something to do with him being released and our apartment people for letting him live there. Because “legally” they can’t so no. Bitches, how about morally.

Basically, internet friends, what I’m trying to say is…don’t trust your neighbors or anyone in your life! Ha. JK, you can trust people. But if someone appears creepy and strange, chances are, they’ve killed someone…? Anyways.

Love thy neighbor, my ass.