My new bald creepy Kevin Spacey/Britney Spears neighbor

Holy moly, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted on here! I bet y’all are wondering how it’s been since my last post about coming out. Well, things have been awesome! I wish I would’ve done it years ago, but I guess it’s better late than never! Right? Right. I have had, for the most part, nothing but love and support from my friends and family. I am blessed. There have been a few not so nice remarks, but I’m trying to learn how to ignore those people and their opinions. I’m not very good at it, but I’m trying MFers. But what I really wanted to tell y’all about was that I think my Queen Latifah has moved. Or died.

If you’ve read my blog or Facebook before, then you know about my cray cray neighb that lives (lived) above me who was mega obnoxious and loud and who parked in the very front spot in front of our building, that’s not even a real parking spot. It’s like the emergency spot. But anyways, in case you haven’t heard about her and that situation, refer to this:

So, yeah, she sucked. But I came home from vacation a few weeks ago, and her car was gone! hallelujah! However, while I was on vacation, some new mega creepy dude moved in across the hall from me. And he now parks in the front non-parking spot. I refuse to complain on him though because this mother fucker is legit the creepiest man I’ve seen in a long time. And that says a lot coming from me, because I’ll invite strangers home from the bar to hangout and watch movies. Like, I love strangers. Except this dude. He looks like someone from a scary movie. Like the person doing the rapes and murders. Like, he probably touches himself to pictures of little kdis. Like, he probably masturbates with an animal skull. Like, he probably has a collection of trolls in his underwear drawer. Like, I came home late a few nights ago, and one of my neighbors was walking out of the building while he was walking in, and he totally knocked her shoulder and didn’t even say sorry. And she’s one of the ghetto girls, so that’s someone who most people (I) tend to be polite to. But nope, not bald creeper man. He legit looks and acts like a Law and Order: SVU suspect. I’ve been trying to snap a picture, but I haven’t been able to. So to give you a visual of who I’m dealing with now…

My Kevin Spacey'ish creeper bald man neighb.

No, my new creepy neighb isn’t the real Kevin Spacey, but that’s kind of what he looks like. And when he gets angry, I’m guessing he looks like Britney Spears when she went bald and crazy…

Angry bald britney spears

Now I don’t know if my apartment people did a thorough background check on homedog, but I’m thinking we’re going to have to do some detective work ourselves, boo boo’s. So I’m going to find out this guys name and we’re going to get to work. Until then, be prepared for anything. And if you never hear from me again, it’s because I’m dead in that guys apartment for trying to be nosey and snoop around. Or because I don’t have internet at my apartment, so it’s hard to get on here a lot. LOL. But seriously. Nice talking to y’all, and I pinky promise I’ll try to post something else soon and not wait another two months. Because I know how much y’all have missed my long random rambles (not). Love y’all, bye.