How I ended up with a yoga dvd, the L word, David Sedaris and Jock Jams.

So I’ve been trying to get healthy’ish, and had the idea that I should walk to places more often than drive. Which, I live relatively close to a few places, but yeah…I don’t live in the city near everything. But earlier this afternoon, I decided I wanted to go to McKay’s, a huge used bookstore that sells books, dvds, cds…everything. And I was like “Ames, just walk there…it’s not that far away. And you walk to Boost, which is like the same distance, but different direction. Yeah girl! Walk!” So I walked.

And it was about 20-25 minutes into my walk there, that I realized I had made a dumb decision. Boost Fitness takes 10-15 minutes to walk to. My fat ass was pushing close to 30 minutes and McKay’s was no where in sight. Y’all, I was tired. Like, I would’ve hitch hiked. My friend Jamie text me a little bit ago and said he was driving on that street and that if he would’ve seen me, then he would’ve stopped. Yeah, thanks J-Money…but the thought doesn’t help my out of shape ass from being tired and sore.

So I made it to the store. Walked around, shopped, relaxed, and left. And started my trek back to my apartment. I forgot that I was going to have to walk to the Mt. Everest hill of Bellevue to get back home, and was pretty pissed off when I got to it. But I survived. Which, I should also add, about Bellevue is that we have the most randomly placed sidewalks, ever. Y’all, I would walk for like 30 feet on a sidewalk, then trip into a ditch. Walk for 200 feet, and boom…sidewalk. Dear Bellevue sidewalk maker foundation group…fix the fucking sidewalks! Love, Ames.

When I finally made it home, I had been gone for over two fucking hours. Absolutely ridiculous. So I decided to get in my car and drive to McKay’s, and see how far it is. So I would know how far I walked and all. Y’all…I walked 4.5 miles to and from this store today! And I’m waaaayyy out of shape. I need to start working out more. 4.5 miles, and all I have to show for it is a beginners yoga dvd (so I can start getting healthy and in shape), a David Sedaris book (because he’s hilarious), season 2 of The L Word (because like my friend Jamie said, I’m officially a dyke) and a Jock Jams cd (because why wouldn’t you buy a Jock Jams cd if you saw one for sale?? Helllooooo 90’s basketball team warmup music!!)

I probably should be saying I’m doing the yoga dvd, but I’m not. I’m watching The Heat. What?? I walked more than a 5k today, friends, and The Heat is funny.